The porcelain fused to gold crown and the telescope crown are anti-allergic and provide a natural effect

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Dr. Máriási Béla

Porcelain fused to gold crown and telescope crown

The importance of gold telescope crown systems lies in the fact that they enables us to fix removable replacements in a way that it minimizes the harmful stress placed on the bone structure.

The porcelain fused to gold crown is a type of ceramo-metallic crown. The ceramic crown is supported by a gold substructure. Through electropating, the metal is bonded to the surface of the ground tooth in a way that it provides perfect fit, leaving no space between the tooth and the crown. Creating a perfect fit is essential to prevent later dental decay. Another advantage of this procedure is that the gold substructure is extremely thin, the porcelain cover is thicker which creates an excellent esthetic effect. The crown is made of 98. 8 % pure gold that contains no additive. Using gold in this case is also beneficial because its colour compensates for the greyish shade of the porcelain, so the final colour of the replacement is like or at least more similar to the colour of a natural tooth.

The advantages of porcelain fused to gold crowns:
  • perfect fit
  • excellent esthetic result
  • no allergic reaction
  • durability

The disadvantages of porcelain fused to gold crowns:
  • like in the case of the making of any crowns, a considerable amount of tooth substance is removed

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