Soft laser treatment – releasing pain and inflammation, stimulating the healing of a wound

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Dr. Máriási Béla

Soft laser treatment

The laser, which has an extremely regular structure, is one of the most important tools used in medicine.

Ranges of application:

  • clinical and laboratorial diagnostics
  • photodynamic therapy
  • soft-laser therapy
  • laser surgery

Compared to other types of laser, the soft laser operates with minimal energy, so the temperature of the tissues treated does not rise, consequently it does not cause any visible deformation. Unlike the laser used in surgery, the soft laser is not suitable for cutting.

Due to its biostimulating effect, it can be used in the following areas:

  • releasing pain: painful swelling following dental and oral operations, eating difficulties
  • reduction of inflammation: complementary treatment to cure inflamed areas of the gum, paradentitis and gingival atrophy
  • stimulating the healing of a wound

Diódalézer softlaser lágylézer soft laser lágy lézer The basic principle of the soft laser therapy is that it stimulates metabolism, protein synthesis, cell-division and the breathing of cells. In addition, it helps the regeneration of blood vessels, antibody formation, immune processes and increases the number of collagen fibers. When undergoing a series of soft laser treatments, its positive effects add up.

One out of four people is affected by cold sores, which is a really unpleasant virus. Although it is impossible to eliminate the virus completely, strating a soft laser therapy at an early stage of the formation of the herpes, when the burning, itching pain appears, can prevent and reduce the deformation of the skin. The healing period may be reduced to 2-4 days instead of the usual 10-15 days. The soft laser not only reduces the symptoms, but also enhances epithelisation. As a result of the therapy, even the frequency of the apparition of the herpes can be limited since the areas already treated by laser tend to be more resistant to the virus.

Soft laser treatment is an immediate remedy for example in the case of a lockjaw. Problems with the mandibular joint caused by a variety of reasons can be readily solved or reduced with the help of this therapy. (One of the reasons may be the inflammation accompanying the breaking through of a wisdom tooth)

Important information:

  • first, an accurate diagnosis is made
  • the therapy can only be used on a sterile and well-cleaned surface
  • the frequency of the treatments depends on the type of disease
  • it is possible and sometimes necessary to treat several points in one session
  • a treatment usually takes 10-15 minutes
  • it is painless
  • its effects show 15 minutes after the treatment

Apart from being used in the oral cavity, it also helps cure various traumas, problems of the epithelium and the mucous membrane in any area of the body.

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