Root resection/ Root apex resection (apiectomy) – a procedure through which the root apex is amputated

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Root apex resection/ root resection

The inflammation of the area around the root apex generally results from pulpitis. The bacteria spreading from the pulp infects the alveolodental membrane and the bone surrounding it. It causes the inflammation of the root apex and the formation of an infection focus. In this case, the area around the root apex becomes sensitive to pressure.

Gyökércsúcs rezekció - gyökérrezekció, rezekció The procedure is carried out under local anesthetic (Lidocain injection). The first step is to make an incision around the tooth to gently remove the gum from the tooth, then a hole is drilled in the bone. The size of the hole depends on how extended the area affected by the infection is. Following this, 1/3 of the root apex together with the inflamed tissue is removed with the help of a drill. The root filling is then cemented. Finally, the sharp edges are adjusted and the gum is placed back before suturing the wound.

Possible risks of root apex resection: It may happen that the inflammation around the root apex does not heal and, again, an abscess is formed. To avoid this, a check up is needed every half year to check the ossification and the healing process by X-ray. Other complications such as the apparition of cold sores on the lips, damages to the gum, fissure in the labial angle may also occur. Your face might get swollen following the operation as well.

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