Ceramic crowns and telescope crowns enable us to perform both esthetic and functional correction.

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Dr. Máriási Béla

Ceramic crown and telescope crown

If the remaining substance of the dental tissue does not allow the placing of a long lasting filling, it is possible to restore the anatomy of the tooth with the help of a crown to provide a both functional and esthetic replacement. When preparing the abutement (remaining part of tooth), the dentist removes a part of the dental tissue from the surface of the tooth. The crown covers this surface like a thimble. The crown consists of two parts, a metal cap and a ceramic cover. Since the ceramic covers fully the metal, the esthetic result is outstanding.

The advantages of a ceramic crown:

  • it is biocompatible especially if the crowns are made of precious metal
  • it is wear resistant
  • it is long lasting
  • the ceramic cover does not get discoloured
  • it provides an excellent esthetic result

When placing a crown on adjacent teeth, the dentist normally prepares the crowns in one go to ensure the stability of the individual teeth.

The placing of an all porcelain crown is an alternative to ceramo-metallic crowns. As their name suggests, all porcelain crowns do not contain a supporting metal framework. Although they match the teeth more perfectly in colour, their applicability is normally limited to the front teeth because they are less strong than their ceramo-metallic counterparts. They are not used in the case of masticators and are not suitable for holding bridges. The process is prepared by a special technique called shoulder preparation, which means that a border is formed at the dental neck. This border supports later the crown. Shoulder preparation ensures the protection of the gum.

All-porcelain crowns are used in the following cases:

  • incisor teeth
  • discolouration caused by decay or root apex treatment, together with dental bleaching

Advantages of all-porcelain crowns:

  • anti-allergic because of the lack of metal
  • no greyish gingival cleft thanks to shoulder preparation
  • perfect match to natural teeth in colour thanks to the translucent ceramic quality
  • excellent esthetic effect

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