Scaling – the causes of a tartar build-up (dental calculus), the removal of dental calculus with ultrasonic scaler, polishing, dental bleaching

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Dr. Máriási Béla


The causes of tartar build-up and plaque formation

There is a number of materials in our oral cavity that may get deposited on our teeth. These may be of different colours, transparent, solid or soft. On the surface of the teeth, they form the so called plaque that causes the diseases of the teeth. The formation of plaque is associated with poor oral hygiene. The plaque mainly consists of bacteria. If calcium carbonate is added to the plaque a very solid material, tartar is formed. The different colouring agents such as coffee, tea, tobacco alter the colour both of the teeth and the tartar. The tartar deposit mostly appear where the tooth joins the gum, usually opposite the embouchure of the salivary glands.

If you fail to remove the plaque regularly after eating it can cause inflammation. There are some signs that the gum is inflamed: the gum bleeds when you wash your teeth, it hurts and becomes red. As a result of the inflammation, gingival pockets appear around the tooth and the infection can spread on the deepest tissues of the periodontium, finally leading to bone loss. The teeth get loose and may fall out.


The removal of the tartar build-up is a basic intervention to cure an inflamed gum and periodontitis. Scaling rids any deposit on the teeth including tartar and plaque. The process is performed with an ultrasonic scaler.

The process of scaling:
  • local anesthetic with lidocain
  • the scaler removes the dental deposit with the help of vibration
  • deposit from below the gum is removed with a hand-operated tool
  • after scaling the teeth are polished since the smooth suface prevents further plaque deposit

Following the treatment, the gum remains, for some time, sensitive to cold, heat, sweat and sour tastes. This problem can be solved by using special toothpaste to reduce sensitivity.

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