Gold inlay / Gold onlay – The golden filling is the most ideal option among the conservative dental treatments

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Dr. Máriási Béla

Gold inlay / Gold onlay

Aranytömés arany tömés - arany inlay onlayIt is the most ideal solution among the conservative treatments since this is a kind of filling the shape of which can be formed with the most aesthetic result. This is the only type of filling that improves with time. The reason is that the golden filling strikes against the tooth when chewing, more precisely, the filling border adheres closely to the tooth without leaving any space, thus preventing later decay.

The advantages of a gold inlay:
  • It is biocompatible, gold is well tolerated by the human body
  • No allergic reactions
  • Durable
  • Decreases the possibility of cariosis because bacteria cannot settle on its surface
  • It lasts as long as 25-30 years in the case of proper oral hygiene
  • No discoulouration

The disadvantages of a gold inlay:
  • Its yellowish shade does not always meet the esthetic expectations of the client
  • It conducts heat
  • It is more expensive than other materials

The gold inlay is unrivalled because it is well tolerated by the body, so it does not harm the human organism. When applying this filling the preparation of the cavity differs from the usual since the filling made in a lab is inserted in its place at a later time so it is essential that the walls converge towards the inside of the cavity. This operation requires great care both from the dentist and the dental technician. The dental technician prepares the filling of approximately 22 carat gold. The dentist has plenty of time to adjust the proper shape of the filling in its place. Following cementation, the filling is fitted to the borders of the tooth and it is polished. If the patient disapproves of the golden colour the dentist can prepare a porcelain veneer. However, this will not completely cover the golden surface since an area of 1mm will still be visible between the veneer and the gum. In the case of posterior teeth this esthetic problem remains unnoticeable.

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