CORTEX implant – an easily integrated strong implant made of pure titanium

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Dr. Máriási Béla

The CORTEX implants

An implant is an artificial dental root used to replace missing or lost teeth. As it is surgically placed in the jawbone, it takes over the original functions of a natural tooth. A missing tooth can cause a number of problems, such as biting irregularities and difficulties of speech, which can be prevented by placing an implant. Implants provide more comfort than removable replacements and feel and look like natural teeth.

The CORTEX implant is made of pure titanium that is biocompatible, anti-allergic and well-tolerated by the human body. These artificial roots are available in different sizes and shape to best suit the patients’ needs.

Ideal ranges of application for a CORTEX implant system:
  • to replace one missing tooth, there is no need for grinding the adjacent teeth
  • to replace several missing teeth to avoid removable denture
  • to give a permanent solution in the case of total tooth loss to prevent bone atrophy instead of using a non-stable denture

  • entire cooperation of patient and dentist
  • proper bone structure in the jaw to support the implant
  • proper oral hygiene

You are not a good candidate for implants if you:
  • smoke heavily
  • use drogs
  • have heart diseases
  • have a not treated diabetes
  • take certain medicines

The implant procedure:
  • an X- ray is taken to evaluate the amount and the structure of the jawbone that will support the implant
  • an initial pilot hole is drilled into the appropriate jaw site
  • the pilot hole is slowly widened by a special drill to allow for placement of the implant screw
  • the implant is placed and the wound is sutured
  • the implant can be loaded depending on the quality of the bone
  • following osseointegration, the permanent replacement is placed

The replacement supported by an implant will feel, look and function like a natural tooth. A tooth supported by a CORTEX implant system will allow you to be self confident to eat and smile naturally.

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