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Dr. Máriási Béla

Dentistry in Hungary

My dental clinic is situated in Győr half way between Vienna and Budapest. I moved to this new, air-conditioned surgery facility - that lives up to any expectations - in 2004. I am able to provide the whole range of treatments from a simple tooth extraction through traditional and esthetic dentistry to the most complicated tooth transplantation. Those who wish to relax can also benefit from the fact that the Lake Balaton is 90 km from our city. I am in contact with a recently opened family hotel, where you can get a price reduction for your stay. Isabell Hotel.


I believe everybody wishes to conserve his or her teeth in good health and condition. However, sometimes the greatest care cannot prevent tooth decay. During life, one may face a range of nasty dental problems that require attention and regular treatment. In my surgery, treatments are pain-free and carried out by using the most up to date technologies. I make every effort to ensure that you feel calm and relaxed in the seat. For me, it is important that my patients leave contented and come back without having to worry.

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Dr. Máriási Béla dentist

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